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Sometimes new tatters would examine an older piece of tatting and figure out how to make it.

But very few pieces of tatting survived the constant washing over the years.

Since he comes from Italy, he may have had a lace-maker in his family or, at least, he knew a lace-maker. Next Nicholls speculates that the invention of tatting may have been simultaneous.

Looking at the tatted rope, he discovers its decorative application. Perhaps, several seamen, in different ports of the world, saw a tatted rope and realized its possibilities.

Knotting is different from tatting in that it is worked with one thread wound on a shuttle.

It is unknown whether this shuttle was used for making nets or tatting, but some kind of knot making was going on.While he (by valour) conquers France, She manufactures does advance And makes thread fringes for ye! Who from such Queens are freed, Who by van superstition led, Are always telling beads, For here’s a Queen now thanks to God! 1800 By this time, tatting has taken on international proportions. She married into a Dutch royal house and moved to Holland.Who when she rides in coach abroad, Is always knotting threads.” 1700 Jones in gives Mrs. At 52 years old, she wrote: “the horror that most people have of dying, so that instead of preparing themselves for an event that must come, they drive the thought away as far as they can, ….” She took a different view of death. It is not known if Holland practiced tatting before Queen Mary’s arrival.But we have another contender to claim the origin of knotting.In the Pitts-River Museum at Dorset, England, a four-inch, bone shuttle is displayed.

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