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23, setting the stage for a showdown with President Nicolas Maduro who has refused to let supplies in.Tens of thousands of protesters had taken to the streets to demand that Maduro allow aid into Venezuela, where food and medicine shortages are rife.These ladies know how to demonstrate themselves and always look gorgeous.While chatting with your Venezuelan bride you will notice how smart and multi-sided she is.He has demanded instead that Washington lift economic sanctions that it has ratcheted up in recent weeks.On Tuesday, Guaido said he was issuing a "direct order" to the armed forces to allow the aid in, though so far there are not clear signs the military would disobey Maduro.Guaido invoked a constitutional provision to assume the presidency three weeks ago, arguing that Maduro's re-election last year was a sham.

However, this does not mean that they are irresponsible and not ready to be wives.

An aid convoy supplied by the United States and Colombia arrived in the Colombian border town of Cucuta last week, where it is being held in warehouses.

A Venezuelan opposition envoy has also said Brazil's government would try to get humanitarian aid to the border. S.-orchestrated show to overthrow his socialist government and said it will not be let into the country.

This is very important because not all young women are ready for the responsibility and a serious relationship.

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In the town of Urena, across from Cucuta, several hundred people dressed in white danced in the streets, waving flags and chanting profanities against top government officials."We want a prosperous Venezuela, as it was before," said Mery Marin, a 25-year-old electrician.