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Your inhibitions get lowered and you don’t think clearly.And that means you could end up taking the flirting a little too far and ruining things at work for good. If you want to be flirty by complimenting them, then make it obvious.

Things of sexual nature can’t really be taken as innocent. Most companies have policies against any touching past a handshake, but just for clarity, don’t do it.

[Read: 10 big dos and dont’s for dating a coworker] Flirting at work the innocent and trouble-free way All of that being said, you can still get flirty at work on occasion.

You just have to know how to keep it innocent and when it’s okay to do it.

If you say anything about taking a person downtown and showing them a good time, don’t actually do that.

Make the comment but also make it clear that you’re not serious about it.

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Once you get someone thinking of you in that context, it’s usually impossible to make them stop. You can definitely give someone a pat on the shoulder, but that’s really as far as you can take it.

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