Dating french men blog mary birdsong dating

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Dating french men blog

That shit would change your life forever right, imagine how many bitches you would try to fuck within 24 hrs!

Checkout my big homie who plays for a un named NFL team, he tells me countless groupie stories about banging white bitches in the NFL train faculty!

White bitches have no morals, this is why this site is so fucking popular!

Felicia is this weeks dirty nasty whore, the video is very romantic by the way!! "We usually drop in the summer, but it looks like the new black bachelor design will be ready in early march!

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"Motherfuckers if you have never been to Eastern Europe you have no clue how fine the bitches are in that part of the world!

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The preachers who wouldnt marry the interracial couple in the south earlier this year, the media for dragging Tiger Woods swinger ass into the group for fucking MORE white women and the bastards who turn their noses up when they see a Interracial couple walking down the street! You cant stop the darkside from spreading, deal with it!!I guess the white man didnt expect his woman to be walking without his ass, while holding a black mans hand!Karma is a bitch for all the discrimination done over the years I guess shit has finally caught up with the almighty!"Another week another batch of dirty nasty freaks to get with!This week Fonda Black checks into the freaky black hole with her wet pussy ready to be ripped apart by meaty black dicks!

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