Dating frankoma marks glaze colors

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Van Briggle Pottery has the distinction of being one of the oldest companies still producing American art pottery to this day.

The production of contemporary art pottery by Van Briggle as well as the fact that the company did not maintain great consistency in its bottom markings can make it difficult for novice Van Briggle collectors to determine accurate dates of production.

Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau pieces tend to have a classical form.

Reference books can help you identify unfamiliar marks.The base of a piece of pottery also reveals the type of clay.Even if there is no mark identifying this, the color or texture of the unfinished base can reveal the type of clay that was used.Small vessels used to test a new glaze or firing technique are rare and fun to find.The form, along with the glaze and decoration, is also an important aspect of the visual signature.

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Historically, potters used a clay local to the area where they worked, meaning that the clay type can reveal the location where a piece was made.

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