Dating for bipolar people 1on 1 chat with girls

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Dating for bipolar people

Stress caused by one’s day-to-day, however, can turn to problems of epic proportions when your partner has bipolar disorder.Research shows that this is the main reason why 90% of marriages fail.Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition which can cause several changes in a person’s mood.

Work stress, money issues, and other factors can put a strain on your married life.Ending any relationship is difficult, and deciding to end a relationship because of a person’s mental condition only complicates things further. While treatments for bipolar disorder can help control the condition, it will be a constant battle throughout his or her life. Michael Brodsky, medical director of Bridges to Recovery—a crisis stabilization center with several locations in California—said while people with bipolar disorder are known to be creative, charismatic, energetic, and inspirational, they can also be unpredictable, promiscuous, inattentive, and self-focused.Some of these qualities make it hard on a relationship, so a person must weigh whether he or she wants stability over excitement, he said. Brodsky said there’s no perfect time to end a relationship with someone who is bipolar.If you have bipolar disorder, then your mood swings can cause unusual changes in your behaviors.This can make it more challenging to go on dates or even marry.

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You will see, from close up, the effects of mania and depression.

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