Dating drizzle game dating night one stand

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Dating drizzle game

Let’s take this delicious idea and turn it into a date night for you… Invite all of your friends for a big, awesome group date, or just enjoy these heavenly treats one-on-one with your sweetie!

Cassia designed these to fit inside of a 4×6″ envelope. If you’re feeling like you need some more one-on-one time with your sweetie, just decorate caramel apples together. Hey, that just means fewer people to share these mouth-watering caramel apples with, right?!

Details: Go with the cheese board and you’ll get two selections of local cheeses, fruit, nuts and bread. There are 6 off-leash dog parks in the area or you can go to one of the area’s dog friendly bars to let your pooches play while you sit back and enjoy the day.

Go with the meat board and you’ll get two selections of cured meat, olives, nuts and bread. Dog friendly spots: Lucky Dog Bark & Brew in Wesley Heights or Dog Bar in No Da both allow dogs and drinking.

Plop the stick into your bowl of toppings and you’re ready for dipping!

We left some of the labels blank if you want to try some other topping combinations.

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