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Do emphasize transferable skills, especially if you donâ™t have much experience or seek to change careers. Use numbers to tell employers how many people you supervised, by what percentage you increased sales, how much money you saved, how many products you represented, etc. Include your jobs that are more than 15 years old, but list them in bare-bones fashion (title, employer, location) with or without dates of employment.

Many employers specifically seek out athletes because of their drive and competitiveness, as well as teamwork and leadership skills.

If you haven’t graduated yet, list your grad year anyway.

Simply by virtue of the fact that the dates in the future, the employer will know you donâ™t have the degree yet.

Many job-seekers use Microsoft Word resume templates.

There’s nothing wrong with them, per se, but your resume won’t look distinctive if you use one; it will look like the resume of everyone else who used a Word template.

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Do consider a bulleted style to make your resume as reader-friendly as possible.

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  1. Again, I realize this is a clichéd complaint that we all make, and yet, do nothing about. Unless you factor in the fact that it requires so much money to live here, and the only way to get that money is to work your ass off…