Dating digest

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Dating digest

Read More Posted in Sex And Love Ava lied there next to Vince, wondering if he had passed out yet.

where the danger is in the dated one, but “bungee dating” where the danger lurks in the date itself.

Read More Posted in Sex And Love What If He Likes You, But Doesn’t Want a Relationship? Some days you think he really likes you, but other times you just aren...

At times these "contracts" are negotiated explicitly, but more frequently than not, they are dealt w...

To subscribe to the ISMACS Digest you will need to visit the Guidelines and Disclaimer page; follow the link in the box to the right.

Once you have submitted your registration form you will be subscribed to the Digest and receive a welcome message.

The ISMACS Digest is a free email digest for the discussion and sale of sewing machines by ISMACS members, and non-members, alike.

There are sewing machine experts as well as novice collectors on the digest. If you are not sure you wish to subscribe immediately, you may preview the digest.

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We get a glass of water and are just starting to relax when the shortest Sumo of them all appears demanding, over and over again, our credit cards. This is the first glimmer of sanity and I thank her for her graciousness. Well, the first thing that happens with this weed is you forget you’ve smoked it.

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