Dating and viability Free nude cam broadcasting

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Dating and viability

Then it took them another 10 min in the second room to call me, and by then I was asking a passing staff member to please pee.I peed a bit, and on the table my bladder was still too full and they sent me out to pee some more.Yes, if you are a hydrated person, drink half of what they tell you about an hour at the earliest before you go in, you will be fine.Last pregnancy I was working out in the middle of nowhere and had nothing to drink before my ultrasound, I finally found a pop machine and had a coke on the way to the appointment and I was fine! They will give you a print out at least of the ultrasound.My hosp gave me prints of the ultrasound every time, one or two guaranteed, and I had abouut 5 of them as she was huge and at the end they wanted to keep checking her out.(Went two weeks over).The techs were great, always tried to give me a new shot, even a 3D looking close up of the face at 40 weeks! And yes maybe you can see gender at 17 weeks, look for a W or a C pattern of cartilage (white) between the legs.This scan is useful for women who are experiencing pain or bleeding in the pregnancy and those who have had previous miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies.The ultrasound appearance will depend on the gestational age of the pregnancy.

The techs are pretty good especially if ypu tell them you are nervous and talk to them.I already have my appointment scheduled in September to see the OB!I agree they told me to drink 1 liter....almost died I had to let a lil out twice before going in for my Ultra sound. She said next time only drink half the amount, the liter is for people who are over weight and she said if your on the smaller side its way to much liquid.Please do not go to the toilet again until after your scan.We do not need you to have an uncomfortably full bladder.

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