Dating a man in his 40s Free couple live cam without membership

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It occurred to me after our walk that he’s not over this woman completely and I wondered if he holds out hope that she would take him back some day.I almost asked him if he’s still in touch with her and if she has met someone else since being with him. Before I left him after our walk, he asked me to go paddle boarding with him the next weekend. Then the next day he texted me and asked me to come have dinner with him one evening over the same weekend.By all accounts it felt to me like the attention he was showering on me was a bit unusual for him.I took a chance and asked him if he would like to go walking on the local bike trails a few days later.

During our conversation on the first date, he told me that he knew exactly what he wanted in a woman.

Okay, ya’ll, I’ll admit that I was not happy this month about the prospect of not having a boyfriend or a date on V-day. Rationally I know it’s no big deal, but emotionally I was so hoping to have a date.

On Valentine’s Day, Paul and I picked up tacos for dinner and brought them to a local brewery. He didn’t bring me a rose or make it the most romantic date ever. For once I was connecting with a man and it seemed like our values were lining up well.

He knows now that it was probably not love, but he was feeling it at the time.

He was almost embarrassed that he said it out loud to her.

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I was on cloud 9 by the end of the week thinking how cool it was that I met someone so awesome with so little searching.