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Dating  pal pen tip zambia

Imagine the position other guests might find themselves in should you be offering tips this frequently and they were not.In general, Zambian camps will have a main 'tip box' that is shared out between the staff equally.Most lodges have a general tip box that is then split equally between this team.Occasionally we're asked if the managers should get tips.Tipping is not compulsory but always appreciated and depends entirely on your own opinion and your personal satisfaction, moderated by the topics mentioned above.Having said that, we'd recommend that for good service our travellers tip around: Bearing in mind the issues above, the Gross National Income (GNI) is approximately US.53 per person per day in Zambia.Some camps will exclude the guides and spotters from this, others won't.The majority of the camps will explain their own tipping policy in their camp literature, but managers will be able to explain if this isn't the case.

If you want to be incredibly well prepared for your trip then a great idea is to bring envelopes, possibly with thank you notes, to prepare individual tips for the staff.

Gratuities are of course always voluntary and tend to be dependent upon the quality of the services provided.

We do believe that great service should be appreciated but whilst we encourage travellers to feel the same, you should be aware of the potential impacts that tipping may have on the local community.

On the other hand, you have the general assistant staff of the camps.

Their responsibility is to help out, perhaps carry luggage.

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Tips obviously make a significant difference to the salary of those working in the service industry, including waiting staff, guides and scouts.