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Here we’ll take a look at how to force client to check in with the WSUS server when no active directory is present in the network. Group Policy is a Windows feature that is used to manage users’ access to Windows features. The Local Group Policy Editor will open, as shown below.We have to navigate to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components /Windows Update and change two configuration options: Both configuration options need to be in “Enabled” state, as seen below.The WSUS is shown below: We can click on “Synchronizations” on the left side to check whether all updates have been successfully synchronized.One interesting entry on the left side is also the Options tab, where we can change most of the options we selected when installing WSUS.Soon after that we can then notice both computers in the “All Computers” tab in WSUS as seen in the picture below.Notice that the newly joined Windows 7 computer doesn’t have any updates installed yet, as it hasn’t yet reported anything back to the WSUS server.

After that we need to select “Synchronize from Microsoft Update,” which will pull the updates from the Microsoft website rather than from another WSUS server.

Now we can specify the proxy configuration options if a proxy is needed to connect to the internet; in our case it isn’t, so we can leave those settings blank and click on the “Next” button.

On the next screen, we need to click on the “Start Connecting,” which will synchronize the information about available updates, languages and products that can be updated.

On the left side of the WSUS window, we can also select “Security Updates” and chose to select any security updates.

When pressing the “Refresh” button, all appropriate security updates will be shown to us, as displayed below.

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