College dating edu internet student

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College dating edu internet student

It is important that all of our students understand this definition and their role in preventing sexual violence from occurring in our community.

Additionally, Ithaca College is requiring all incoming students to complete Alcohol Edu which provides information about healthy behaviors related to the alcohol and other drugs.

Answer: We encourage transfer students to complete the course, but it is not mandatory.

Question: I am a parent/guardian of an incoming student.

Answer: We ask that you consider all the possibilities to accessing a computer.

A friend or family member may be willing to let you use their computer for this purpose.

In New York State, all colleges and universities have adopted a definition of affirmative consent.

Affirmative consent is a knowing, voluntary, and mutual decision among all participants to engage in sexual activity.

Education and skills are essential for today’s changing economy.Granite State College understands the tremendous investment that you make when you enroll as a student and the Student Accounts Office is here to assist you with the tuition payment process.Our goal is to ensure that you understand your tuition and related expenses, as well as the payment options that are available to you.Also, many local libraries have computers available with internet access.If it is truly impossible to access a computer, you may receive an extension to complete the course on an Ithaca College computer.

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If you are self-motivated, work well independently, and meet deadlines easily, then our flexible delivery of college courses using the latest technologies can put an associate's degree at your fingertips.

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