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Cocky and funny dating

Funny guys either come off as creepy, desperate, or great buds the chances are good that you’re not trying to get hot chicks to add you to their “BFF” list, so you need be careful not to overdo the humour thing and come off as a clown to go with it.

However, it can make things easier to get started, it can pick things up from time to time, and it offers a refreshing break from the ordinary for women.

By taking advantage of the cocky/funny approach, you can guarantee that you’ll make a good impression on any hot chick that you talk to.

This will take a little bit of work, but in the end you can trust that it will give you an effective way to get hot babes to remember you.

Give her something different to appreciate about you.

Being cocky and funny can work in any situation, as long as you practice it well.

Nevertheless, cocky/funny is an incredibly powerful tool used to generate large amounts of attraction with women.

The idea is to keep a woman off-balance while simultaneously hitting all of her attraction switches related to confidence. The key to cocky/funny pickup is to be both cocky and funny, simultaneously.

They hear arrogant guys all day long, and they hear funny guys all the time.The fact that you’re interested in her doesn’t matter because there are probably at least 500 other guys who are interested in her, too.They might not be interested in more than how sexy she is, but you’re not the only one who notices her beauty.If you’re just being funny, you’re being a clown – and women may like clowns, but they don’t sleep with them. Signs of effective cocky/funny material are a woman hitting you while laughing, or smiling while saying, “I can’t believe you just said that!” Good examples of cocky-funny lines are: “I realize you’re probably shy because you get no attention from men whatsoever, so I decided to come over and pay attention to you.” Or, if she says something clever, say, “Congratulations, that’s 5 points right there – and you needed them since you were at -16 before.” But more than a series of lines, cocky/funny is an attitude – it’s an attitude that says you don’t take anything she says or does too seriously.

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Texting can be an art on it’s own, if you’re naturally witty and funny then you can get away with a lot in a text and quite easily setup a string of dates or even get the girl over to your place. But texting is nowhere near as important as the interaction itself, it’s just a handy tool you can use to keep the interaction going without actually being there.