Chronicles of a dating diva

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Chronicles of a dating diva

Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel is not meant to create rules, but to show by example there are none when it comes to the dating and mating game.Unlike so many relationship books out there, Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel is candid, frank, and brutally honest.Unlike the modern historian, most chroniclers tended to take their information as they found it, and made little attempt to separate fact from legend.The point of view of most chroniclers is highly localised, to the extent that many anonymous chroniclers can be sited in individual abbeys.

Nia Long, Diddy, and Gabrielle Union were among partygoers at Club Dreamz who ran for their lives when a random Negro opened fire inside the club. One person was injuired and is in stable condition.

This is in contrast to a narrative or history, which sets selected events in a meaningful interpretive context and excludes those the author does not see as important.

Chronicler information sources vary; some chronicles are written from first-hand knowledge, some are from witnesses or participants in events, still others are accounts passed mouth to mouth prior to being written down.

No romantic stone is left unturned when the author is through.

Whether it’s ordering pheromones over the internet or having your date destroy a designer sweater after a little bump and grind, this book sets out to inspire conversation and healthy good-natured debates between the battling sexes.

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