Chris rene melanie amaro dating

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Chris rene melanie amaro dating

A performance from the Cirque du Soleil cast of “Immortal”? Of pretentious, flexible Canadian circus performers. There are two pointless key changes because “Complicated” is too darned hard for Chris to sing. But I like Avril waiting patiently for Chris to do a corny rap verse next to her. Every week this becomes clearer and clearer: Chris Rene can’t actually sing. I don’t understand this as a vocal combination in the slightest. Tomorrow night, FOX and Simon Cowell are going to give a million recording contract to one of three artists who haven’t a chance on God’s Green Earth of justifying a deal that big based on any empirical standards. It seems like only 20 or 30 years ago that we started hearing all of the hype about “X Factor” traveling across the Atlantic and like only three or four years ago that FOX premiered the first audition episodes and now it’s down to three. I hope he does something similarly stripped down for this last performance. Reid says Josh is “such a rock star.” “It’s undeniable. Nicole is honored to be part of this journey with Josh and she tells him that music loves him. The mayor of Wooster is very proud of Josh, as is his best friend and his daughter.

That was NOT “crazy good.” It was, however, “crazy weird.” p.m. I know it’s not nice to say this, but I’ve said it before, so I might as well repeat it: Chris Rene fans scare me a little. Are we going to continue with our mixed gender duets? People in Santa Cruz are very excited for Chris, including one huge fan who made him a big cake. Melanie’s doing “I Believe I Can Fly,” which is her second R. Kelly, who has never sung that song as a duet before. I was all, “If I don’t hear “Carmina Burana,” I’m just gonna cry. Chris Rene has been told that the key to his winning will be “hats.” Melanie Amaro has been told that the key to her willing will be “cleavage.” And Burrito Josh has been told that the key to him winning will be “burritos.” p.m. Nicole thinks these are the three who are meant to be where. Simon Cowell says this will be the closest final they’ve ever had.

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“This competition isn’t about note-for-note being perfect. That’s two judges in a row who have finally at least hinted at Chris’ inability to sing. Simon felt Chris’ “total joy and confidence” when he got to his rap verse.