Change dating pocket is carbon dating used to measure the age of rocks

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Slip it in your pocket and you will be set to capture spontaneous moments of fun and adventure anywhere you go!

See all tech features There are 3 simple ways to pilot Air Selfie: the APP with its joystick, the One-Touch Button that launches a 10 second autonomous flight on which the aerial camera takes photos or video, the SYNControl that allows to fly and shoot in synchronization with simple gestures that you make without using the app.

“It puts the poor man on a level with the rich, enabling him to ‘sing the song of the open road’ as freely as the millionaire.”That was overdoing it.

But bikes had an immediate social impact in one area: dating.

You can also edit them with crop, rotation and zoom functions plus you can add filters and stickers!I took a few pictures and videos and I must say the quality is pretty good, it takes a bit to get used to the controls but once you get a hang of it it takes nice shots." The Air Selfie aerial cameras are the world’s smallest and lightest aerial cameras.They are about the size of your phone and weight of a golf ball.The changes have come from two main developments: the internet and mobile phones.Obviously there are other devices that have had an impact, but none comparable.

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