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Just go through the article thoroughly and follow the given fixes one by one to make your Excel formulas updating automatically again.Here check out the possible reasons for the Excel formulas not updating automatically issue: So these are the common reasons why the Excel formulas not updating automatically, now try the given fixes.So, this is all about the formulas not updating automatically.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful programs in modern computing but what if Excel is without formulas or imaging using Microsoft Excel without formulas. MS Excel is all about formulas and millions of people use the Excel spreadsheets for performing plenty of tasks like maintaining records to advanced data analysis using complex formulas.There are 5 reasons for your Excel formula not calculating are many. The first thing that you should check is that the calculation options are not set to manual. Click the Formulas tab and then the Calculation Options button.If this is set to manual, the formulas will not update unless you press the Calculate Now or Calculate Sheet buttons.Well, while typing formula if you by mistakenly enter a space before the “Equal (=)”, then the formula will not calculate.This mistake is quite tricky and difficult to notice and left unidentified.

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Well, this button is mainly used when auditing formulas this displays formulas in place of the end result.