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Offering to support soldiers doesn't have to take up a lot of your time - just sending a letter or email every month can mean a great deal to someone far from home.

And if you want to build a lasting friendship or are looking for a relationship, you may find that supporting soldiers is just the first step.

A hopeful trend: In the beginning, callers insisted: “Hey, I’ve been scammed by a U. military person and I want my money back,” Grey says.

But since the government went on offense to alert people here, at U. embassies abroad and in the international press, the tenor of the calls has changed, he says. Defense Department has only a small contingent of personnel in Nigeria: fewer than 50 military and civilian employees and contractors, says Samantha Reho, a spokeswoman for U.

“They’ll make up every excuse they can.” As an infantryman who later became a combat correspondent and served in the first Gulf War, Grey knows better.

“Military members are taken care of in a military zone,” he says. If they’re not on patrol or in a firefight, they have access to cybercafes, Skype, and can communicate with their family.” Grey has been battling military-romance scams for about six years.

Grey has made it a personal crusade to warn the public about the online scams that are using men in uniform as bait to reel in women who hand over cash in the name of love. S., ranging in age from late 30s to late 70s, Grey says, and some are highly educated.

“We literally get hundreds of phone calls, daily, worldwide,” spokesman Chris Grey says.

When you join Forces Penpals, you will find that there are many different ways to communicate with troops and support soldiers overseas.

It might seem a bit boring to you, but when you are far-removed from normality, it can be a breath of fresh air.

Writing letters is an old-fashioned way to support soldiers - but it is still one of the best.

“We see a lot of people coming to us now saying, ‘Hey, have I been scammed? ’ ” Some tips from the command to avoid being scammed: Outside the armed forces, misdeeds surrounding bogus military romances irritate Atlanta cybersecurity expert Lawrence Baldwin, chief intelligence officer for my Net

He says hotspots for online romance scammers include Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.

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One way to support soldiers is by writing letters - and you could be surprised by how much this means to men and women serving in the military abroad.

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