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Super Man/ Super Girl are the property of DC Comics.Almost two weeks passed since Kara met and made a good impression with Danny's family and it is Tuesday....'Jimmy asked."About Danny..."Kara said, unaware of the spike of jealousy that her male friend felt at the mention of that name."You mean that guy that you met from that dating service thing from the summer? I was thinking that since John and Martha will be coming this weekend and he won't be busy..might be the best time to introduce him.."Kara said and Jimmy raised a brow at that."I know that this isn't any of my business Kara but isn't that a little too soon...I mean..have been dating this guy for what...a few weeks?Bennett "Ben" Joseph Savage was born on September 13th, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois.Ben got his start in acting when he appeared in his first commercial at the tender age of 5.

Suddenly Jack handed Danny what looked to be an autograph book."In case you both end up seeing Superman, mind getting me an autograph?

From there, his first major speaking role was in the comedy series, Dear John (1988), opposite Judd Hirsch and fellow Chicago-native, Isabella Hofmann.

He starred in a handful of made-for-TV movies and other films, most significantly Wild Palms (1993), until being cast in the lead role in the series Boy Meets World (1993), which catapulted him into stardom.

As much as this hurt a bit, Kara is happy and that is all that should matter to him... But that didn't mean that she has given up with her vendetta.

Even if deep down, he Clark and Kara soon arrived to their shared apartment and Clark was thinking over what Kara said."You want your boyfriend to come have dinner with us while Ma and Pa are in town? She just knows that Kara is hiding something that she doesn't want anyone to know about.

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Kara was just leaving school after a long, hard, boring day of tests, books and maintaining the facade of being a typical, human teenage girl."Hey, Kara! It's her friend, the young, 18 year old aspiring photojournalist Jimmy Olson, who also happens to be a photography intern at the Daily Planet..also happens to be one of the few people who know about her family's greatest secret."Hey Jimmy..brings you here?