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“I see that most relationships are successful when each person is still very much an independent entity,” confirms Margery Boucher, a Texas-based psychologist.“Couples can come alongside each other and support each other in who they are.” Beyond maintaining a sense of self, boundaries also help signal to others how we want to be treated, and prevent us from feeling used, spread too thin, or in desperate need of defending ourselves.In this book they discuss what they call the “10 Laws of Boundaries” that help couples learn to respect each other’s needs, choices and freedom.

Contrary to the long-held notion that being in an intimate relationship is about two people “completing” each other, relationships are healthier and more sustainable when each person maintains their own identity while the partnership is built on mutual respect, trust, and growth.If you are engaged or just starting out this book might help lay a foundation for a strong and lasting marriage.If you’ve been married for several or many years, this book might help you mend some existing cracks in your relationship. If you are willing to do your part to strengthen your marriage, this is a great place to start.In addition to the 10 Laws of Boundaries, the authors discuss ways to create protective boundaries against potential intruders such as affairs, domineering parents and other well-intentioned but unhelpful people.Though written by seasoned counselors with lots of clinical experience the concepts discussed are practical, very easy to follow, well-written and immediately applicable to any marriage situation.

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This study investigates the causes of event-dating biases.

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