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Blackhat online dating guide 95 report for

WMI is a powerful remote administration technology used to get/set system information, execute commands, and perform actions in response to events.While it is a well-known and heavily used technology by diehard Microsoft sysadmins, attackers (i.e.The traditional security models are failing as they become obsolete in a world where the environment and technology are constantly changing and advancing.The need to allow anywhere anytime access (Mobility) to enterprise resources from any user (Collaboration), and any device (BYOD), has challenged the mare existence of the fixed perimeter and the traditional defense mechanisms.Just as the PC/computer/mobile device ecosystem has grown over the decades, so has the cybercrime industry, which today is more organized and motivated than at any time in history.Blackhat cybercrime is a form of malicious online behavior motivated by profit and a predictable ROI.A resourceful attacker seeking to maximize his or her compromise/effort ratio will naturally target any omnipresent technology present in a homogeneous environment.Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is one such technology that is present and listening on every Windows operating system dating back to Windows 95.

In this talk, I explain how this type of vulnerability occurs and why its potential and current exploitation create a risk that application developers should work immediately to mitigate.Treating Blackhat cybercrime as a purely technological problem, makes mitigation difficult, costly, and ineffective.By understanding the attacker’s Tools, Techniques, Motivations, and Business Models, we can understand how our products, services, and users are, and will be, victimized by Blackhat Cybercriminals.Between Microsoft account, Microsoft’s consumer system which supports Outlook, Xbox, One Drive, and more; and Azure Active Directory, which supports virtually all enterprise identity deployments, Microsoft’s Identity team supports more than 2B identities in every market and services over 14B logins every day.The Identity Protection team is responsible for ensuring that access is granted only to account owners, and that those account owners are not fraudsters.

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The theme of the talk this year will be about my experiments in running a honeypot in Azure, what I learned, how the information can be used to improve protection and a call to action.

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