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I'm kind of at a loss for words, but as one of my most favorite comedians since George "Rufus" Carlin, it sucks to see this happen. He was the fucking headliner at the South Beach comedy festival, he could've went to King of Diamonds (a black strip club for those who don't know) and pulled a hotter girl who looks similar to his real girlfriend. The bottom line is that this guy made jokes about the dangers of doing exactly what he did and just did it anyway. I don't think any of you guys know what Bill Burr is actually married to, she's a full blown SJW.

There were threads on reddit where people were posting clips of her on his podcast where she berates a guy who wanted to help his girlfriend lose weight, saying he should just accept her the way she is and be grateful he has her.

I don't think any of you guys know what Bill Burr is actually married to, she's a full blown SJW.

I've never been a fan of the guy but he seems to go against everything he pretended to be. Now he's married with kids and his comedy is banal and plain, nowhere near the revolutionary stuff he put out at the start of his career. Besides, I've heard Bill mention Nia and her show up on his podcast for years, so it's absolutely no surprise to me.

There is no any news of their separation or an extra-marital affair.

I just don't get a genuine loyal vibe from his girl.Even if it was true she liked his attitude it's only a matter of time until she sees through it. I didn't want to criticize this, but after reading the whole thread I can't help it. Edit: The thing is, I've lost my surprise when great comedians that I enjoy get married. Bill is pretty beta, he was too scared to make fun of Howard Stern on radio and he sat in silence and said he couldn't get involved while other people trashed him. Reading this thread, it's like I'm reading a thread of women talking about the latest People magazine and the marriage of Kim Kardashian or whatever the fuck the latest celebrity marriage is. I remember a Patton Oswalt special where he said he was never going to get married. Not to mention the fact Burr seemed almost embarrassed to admit to his friends on the Opie and Anthony show that he had got married.He also didn't speak up when his "friend" Anthony Cumia was fired for "racist" tweets after being assaulted by a black woman.

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She is living a happy married life with her husband and daughter in Los Angeles, California.