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Colonel Cameron Mitchell in the 9th and 10th seasons of Sci Fi Channel's, "Stargate SG-1", after series star and producer Richard Dean Anderson left the show. Ark of Truth dealt with the fall of Adria and Ben played a double-role of his grandfather and Cameron Mitchell in the followup movie, Continuum.

During his time as lead actor on the show, Ben was given credit for developing the story for Season 10's "Bad Guys."In 2008, Stargate SG-1 filmed two made-for-TV movies staring the actors from the television show including Ben playing Lt. From 2012, Ben appeared in guest-starring roles twice on the TV show Arrow, playing Ted Gaynor, on Chuck playing a Thug, and on CSI New Orleans playing a sociopath named Randy Pruitt.

But as conceived by O’Bannon and carried forward by executive producer David Kemper, who became a driving creative force behind the show, Aeryn cuts against that archetype as well.

Unlike Xena, she doesn’t necessarily relish battle; it’s something that’s been programmed into her.

“Her evolution as an individual takes off in an extraordinary way [after that].” Over the course of Yahoo TV’s hour-long conversation with the Australian actress, it’s clear that she regard Aeryn as an individual unto herself, one who took on a life that sometimes superseded the actress’s own.“Because of the Australian co-production agreement, if they brought in a lead actor from America, the second lead had to be Australian,” Black explains. ”) Immediately recognizing the crackling onscreen chemistry between them, Browder pushed hard for her to land the role over network skepticism.“I was a controversial choice for sure,” Black says now.That reading later led to a screen test opposite Tennessee-born Ben Browder, who would be playing John Crichton.(Interestingly, Browder’s casting is, in part, what opened the door to Black inheriting the role from the English actress who had originally been chosen as Aeryn.

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After finding financing, "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars" was filmed to complete the Farscape series.

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