Belinda stronach and peter mackay dating

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Belinda stronach and peter mackay dating

Sure, the internet was functional in 2004, but few figured out what to do with it beyond fulfilling the expectation to be online.As a result, media attention turned to a few primitive pages posted by an apparent young woman who aspired to make it “a sanctuary for things special to me — art, poetry, sexuality, verse, notions, perceptions, thoughts.” No one would have cared if this “Belinda” did not reveal that an offer was made to buy the dot-com from her before the Stronach campaign settled on dot-ca instead.When the first convention of the new Conservative party finally took place in mid-March, credit was given to Stronach for drawing wider attention to the race than ever imagined, although her plan to follow through as a Conservative candidate in Magna’s turf of Aurora—Newmarket required at least showing up for the finale: “Canadians. But she won re-election in January 2006 as a Liberal in the election where Harper took over, got called a few nasty names on the job, then decided in April 2007, before turning 41, that all of this may not have been her thing after all.

Few ever bought the notion that a 37-year-old woman whose highest-profile political experience consisted of being the face of a Magna-sponsored “If I Were Prime Minister” youth essay contest was ready to become PM herself.If so, please send the clip: I have a pricey lunch riding on it.As astounding as the tone of the news coverage has been, it’s got nothing on the adolescent woman-hating quotes coming from Harper and the boys -- and you’ll note it was all boys belittling Belinda.Parliament Hill romance on rocks/Peter Mac Kay goes into hiding.Over at the National Post, Stronach is dubbed "Blonde Bombshell." Now, I’m betting on "Blonde Ambition" showing up somewhere -- has anyone spotted it yet?

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Belinda Stronach was previously married to Johann Koss (1999) and Donald Walker.

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