Being accommodating definition who is carol burke dating

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Being accommodating definition

They are interested in people, tend to be imaginative and emotional, and tend to be strong in the arts.

People with the diverging style prefer to work in groups, to listen with an open mind and to receive personal feedback.

Kolb's learning theory (1974) sets out four distinct learning styles, which are based on a four-stage learning cycle (see above).

The Assimilating learning preference involves a concise, logical approach. These people require good clear explanation rather than a practical opportunity.

They excel at understanding wide-ranging information and organizing it in a clear, logical format.

People with an assimilating learning style are less focused on people and more interested in ideas and abstract concepts.

People with this style are more attracted to logically sound theories than approaches based on practical value.

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Here are brief descriptions of the four Kolb learning styles: These people are able to look at things from different perspectives. They prefer to watch rather than do, tending to gather information and use imagination to solve problems.