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Bad for shidduchim dating blog

Or are you living your life according to what you think your parents, friends, shadchanim, etc. I'm not saying that what people think is completely irrelevant. It's a fact of life and our nature to care about what other people think. We are always so worried about the few people who don't like us. No matter how nice, how pretty, how smart, how shtark that you are.However, your mindset should not be all about what everyone else thinks. When you dress yourself up, are you thinking of what will happen if someone (read: shadchanim/ opposite sex) will think of your dress, or do you want to make sure you are dressed like a ben/(bas? Are you going to daven because of your reputation, or do you want to actually daven? Somebody, probably numerous somebodies, will not like you. Me, being the bookworm that I am, could not deal without any kind of reading material and resorted to The Jewish Novel. I haven't read very many jewish novels since high school, but one that I did was Hearts of Gold. When I was in high school, at a pretty mainstream yeshiva, we were not allowed to have secular books.

Besides, if the guy is going to act so irrationally, would you want to set him up with a decent girl?I found the second book to actually have a really great message which I'd like to talk about.In the book Chani is obsessed with getting everyone's approval, and won't get a cleaning lady, eat out, get a manicure, and most importantly spend money on garbage bags.Besides, in my situation, there were plenty of girls that I WANTED to go out with!So that jerk had no right to stick his butt in where it didn't belong.

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