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One way to pare down the list is to look at monthly average trading volume.

Liquidity is certainly an issue, as some of the newer, narrowly focused ETFs have very low trading volumes, with correspondingly wider bid ask spreads, while the most popular choices are extremely liquid, with a penny or so spread between bid and ask.

There is no restriction on the holding period of an ETF.

And with and ETF you won’t get hit with capital gains distributions, so, with the exception of dividends, you get to control when you pay capital gains, short term or long term.

“If he had just said, ‘I did it, I didn’t realize it was wrong’ … Of the backdating counts Karatz was acquitted on, Dick said most jurors believed the actions were “sleazy and unethical, but we couldn’t find the evidence” to convict.

In the past fifteen years, stock options have gone from being the best incentive and compensation tool for aligning the interests of managers and shareholders to being vilified because of a string of scandals in corporate America as well as in France concerning the granting (in terms of size and timing) and the exercise (in terms of timing) of the stock options.

A federal grand jury indicted Karatz on the 20 felony charges in March 2009.

Ray, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct justice and agreed to testify against Karatz, said his former boss told him to backdate options and to keep the practice secret from others, including the company’s compensation committee.With CEFs, which are somewhat similar to ETFs, you have a security that can trade on its own supply demand; therefore the fund can go to a premium or a discount to its net asset value, sometimes substantially.With CEFs there is also the chance of dilution if the firm wants to issue more stock, usually with an offer for existing shareholders to purchase more shares at a predetermined price.ETF fees are much lower than mutual funds, and even factoring in the small brokerage commission applied to an EFT, the savings in fees will make up for the commission many times over.And, some brokerage firms that deal in no load mutual funds will charge a commission to get out if not held a certain length of time.

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