Azerbaijan dating marriage 5 minute dating ct

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Often, this concerns women being forced into undesired marriages.

However, this is not the only case: men can be victims of this phenomenon as well.

During this period you have to do a lot of traditional duties.

As it seems it`s hard to find Azerbaijani girl and marry with her for foreign peoples.

It doesn't matter you have meet with Azerbaijani girl in other country.

However, unions of this type frequently lead to the destruction of the individual and a bad upbringing for children, not to mention potential STDs. Not because the mentality has changed, but because people have started leaving the country.Let me give a brief information about these traditions.When you meet Azerbaijani girl, of course firstly you must flirt with her.At the age of 57, I received the freedom that I had dreamt about for practically 30 years.I found my old girlfriend, and now we live together with our son to whom she gave birth to even before my unfortunate marriage.” Sociologist Sanubar Heydarova says that there are no statistics concerning such marriages, but that she encounters them often in her practice.

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The main argument in both cases is that ‘you are a man, you must’.

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