Asian parents against dating

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I love my family but I don’t want to marry someone I don’t like. His family is very accepting and he knows not to expect much from mine.But I’m scared that when I tell them, they’ll emotionally blackmail me again by talking about cutting me out of the family.Can he accept people who’ve been so negative about him, whose racism may affect any children you may have? For a long time, the possibility of potential heartache kept me closed off from men. But I seem only attracted to the same type: the take-it-day-by-day kind of guy.Now, instead of being strung along, I can sense our differences and have an honest conversation about our wants, which ends the relationship.The time it takes me to realize the similarity to past relationships is becoming much faster. The Same Guy A: No, but it’s a “mistake” that you’re ready to correct. Now that you’re open to change is a good time to see a therapist.You keep wrongly associating every connection with hurt because of the one that flattened you when you were younger, less confident, and vulnerable. Getting professional help, and taking the steps to make it happen, will also give you the courage and self-respect to insist you deserve better than “same-old.”TIP OF THE DAYThink hard about how much family exclusion you can handle, before making it happen.

Their whole life and how others view them through the social lens depends on what their offspring is currently doing.

Should I talk to a therapist about why I always choose the same type?

I know it, and my friends know it, entering into the relationship.

I felt a lot of pressure to do well in school, but I was never particularly interested in Ivy Leagues.

I knew that I wanted to be far, far away, but not so far as to have to spend more than four hours flying home.

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Would my parents still be the same parents, with the same thoughts, ideas, and beliefs?

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