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Each member of the Ward is included in a Family Home Evening Group that meets on a regular basis.

To obtain full access to this site please talk with the Ward Leadership or see the bulletin handed out during sacrament meeting.

To be eligible for membership in our stake, you must be a young single adult of at least 18 years of age and not more than 30, and either reside within the boundaries of the three Tempe Stakes or be an ASU student attending at least one class at any of its campuses.

Our loving Stake President is President Paul Gilbert, with counselors President Stan Curry and President Dan Skinner.

WARD BOUNDARIES North: University Drive East: Rural Road (S. between University Drive and Apache Blvd.) South: Guadalupe Road and the South Mountains West: Entire Valley (between approx.

University Drive & Guadalupe Road or the South Mountains) ASU RESIDENCE HALLS The following ASU Residence Halls are within our ward boundaries: Adelphi Commons, Best, Hayden, Irish, Mc Clintock, Ocotillo, and Sonora Center. Gospel Doctrine classes are held in the West Chapel (first floor) and Rooms 201&202; Gospel Essentials class is taught in Room 203 (all on the second floor).

2013, The Church has again changed their website "Stake and ward websites have been replaced with Calendar, Directory, Newsletter, and a set of other tools.

The boarders and address on the edges of Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa do some weird things. Please leave feedback to the Church about this, there is a "Send Feedback" link on the maps.

) and Adult single Wards in Arizona that I know about.

I do not have any more information than what is listed on this page.

I have contacted them twice about the ASU Institute building not showing on the map but nothing has been done about it yet..

I have put up a Google map for it on the Tempe stake listing, Google knows where the building is..

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The wards have been reorgnized in to new YSA Stakes out of the regular stakes.

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