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Having a bunch of apps listed in the fast task switcher is not multi-tasking and it does not require more ram. i Phone has started a market, competitors are improving it.

i Pad has started a market, competitors are improving it.

Change for the sake of improved usability and function? Change of the UI just because they have used the same basic look for the UI for 5 years? I can assure that doubling the 256MB of the first i Pad is not enough for people that need a lot of multitask, like me.

Here I don't think you understand how "multitasking" works on IOS devices.

It seems like a very young and inexperienced viewpoint. This is something you realize as you get older and more experienced in life.

Change just for the sake of change is not a great deal, most of the time.

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Or are they going to play it safe and target only the market that they already have? Actually, from what I saw, Time Machine looks like a combo of System Restore, Shadow Copies (but better), and Backup.

When they revamped Logic Pro they cut the price from 9 to 9.....fingers crossed for FCP. Back when I first started editing it was 9 for Final Cut Pro, alone. Phones again let me guess It will be the Year of Me. Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (i Phone; U; CPU i Phone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) Apple Web Kit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4) Did any One catch the quote about the puck.

For a split second I got exited because I thought it was Kevin Smith. Execp he talk about only using Avid because Fcp docent have a big enough time line. Lol The problem that has always existed, not just with Android, is that the carriers customize the OS, release it with a phone, and you can forget about getting any updates for it.

Maybe one update for the lifetime of the device, if you are lucky. I'm waiting for the 16GHz Mac Pro Super Duper Ultra Extreme.

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It is not really possible to do a "lot" of multi-tasking.