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However, after hearing Mafuyu sing it leaves a deep impression on him.(Source: MU) Awakening her dormant abilities as a devil one day, Yuuko Yoshida aka Shadow Mistress Yuuko, is entrusted with the mission to defeat the Light clan's shrine maiden, a magical girl, by her ancestor Lilith.

It was a little different from a typical transported to another world setting, but after some bickering, "Mom wants go on an adventure together with Maa-kun. " With that, Masato and Mamako began their adventure as a mother and son pair.(Source: Manga Helpers) Riku Haruma enters high school without a future in sight.He sees people playing like monsters on the ground, jumping higher than anyone else, running fast, deciding to try their best.Subaru and friends finally get a moment of peace, and Subaru goes on a certain secret mission that he must not let anyone find out about!However, even though Subaru is wearing a disguise, Petra and other children of the village immediately figure out who he is.

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Toki Taouma, nicknamed "Ashura," joins these arenas and devastates his opponents.

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