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An intimidating man

Sometimes the truth is told in such a brutal way that the listener completely forgets the content.She only remembers the manner in which it was told.It’s possible that you are too abrupt when you speak. It’s also possible that others admire you so much that they are afraid to disappoint you.It works like this: you don’t express opinions, you give conclusions.They are often professionally and socially successful, but there is an atmosphere of fear around them.They react strongly to things and others end up being afraid of them.There is a difference between having a strong character and developing an intimidating personality.Some people have to fight and struggle all their lives.

They know they are good people and they don’t understand why others are frightened of their overly tough expressions or gestures.

In this situation, not everyone will be eager to continue chatting.

When you have an intimidating personality, your presence might dampen the mood of an otherwise lively and participative meeting.

People who have intimidating personalities tend to be overly honest.

They brag about being honest and not mincing words about their thoughts or feelings.

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