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Based on authoritative sources, and as of mid-2018, Scagliotti’s net worth is over million, acquired from her years working as an actress in film, television, and on the stage.In terms of her personal life, Scagliotti is pretty secretive about her relationship, but she is single, and there is no news if she is currently dating.After appearing in shows including “Bones”, “Person of Interest”, and “Switched at Birth”, Scagliotti scored another main role in the series “Stichers” in 2015; she played the role of Camille Engelson, and stayed in the show until 2017.Scagliotti recently appeared in the series “Fresh Off the Boat”, “The Vampire Diaries”, and “Mary Jane,” and also in the short films “Little Gold Star” and “The Cards.” Her success in both television and movies has helped increase her wealth tremendously.Then in 2004, Scagliotti finally got a breakthrough in her career, when she joined the cast of the show “Drake & Josh”, playing the role of Mindy Crenshaw, who initially started out as Josh’s rival and later on became his girlfriend.

Scagliotti’s career started in 2002, when she first appeared in the television series “America’s Most Terrible Things”, followed by appearances in a variety of other shows, including “Once Around the Park” in 2003 and “Joint Custody” and “Grounded for Life” in 2004.There have been no known rumors revolving around Allison Scagliotti’s life.She had once posted her picture with her dog on her Instagram account and addressed someone as ‘my man’.Scagliotti continued on to appear in other shows, including “Zoey 101”, “ER”, and a small recurring role in “One Tree Hill.” She also ventured into films, and in 2007 starred in her first film “Redemption Maddie”, playing the lead role.She also appeared in films including “Endless Bummer”, “My Name is Jerry” and “Losers Take All”, adding steadily to her reputation and net worth” In 2009, Scagliotti went back to television with a role in the series “Warehouse 13”, which as Claudia Donovan started out as a guest role, she eventually became part of the main cast, and the show became a huge success, airing from 2009 until 2014.

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As per her education, She studied at Glendale Community School. At age 11, she met Chamber Stevens, an acting coach at Barns and decided to move to Hollywood. Later, in between her TV job, she attended New York University. She was bored of school but the drama classes kept her alive at the public school. Her first main role was that of Maddie in the short film ‘Redemption Maddie’ (2005).

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