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Visit for more related articles at Epidemiology: Open Access Background: Young men are a highly susceptible group for HIV infection.This study aimed to identify HIV risk factors among Thai young men aged 21-23 years for appropriate preventive interventions.

Young men are a highly susceptible group for HIV infection.

The association between risk factors and HIV serostatus was determined by using case control studies. It is composed of demographic factors (7 items), addictive behaviors (8 items), sexual behaviors (8 items), HIV/AIDS knowledge and attitude (8 items), condom knowledge, attitude and practice (4 items) and psychosocial factors (18 items).

The sample size was obtained from the formula: The sample size will be at least 38 conscripts for each risk factor. HIV testing was performed by using ELISA for screening and Western blot for confirmatory test.

Methods: A case control study was conducted among 240 HIV positive and 240 HIV negative young men matched for residential areas, using a 6-part questionnaire booklet, consisting of demographic data, addictive behaviors, sexual behaviors, HIV/AIDS knowledge and attitude, condom knowledge, attitude and practice and psychosocial data.

The SPSS version 10 software were used for data analysis.

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The first AIDS case in Thailand was diagnosed in 1984 [4].