Advice on dating older man

Posted by / 17-Oct-2020 12:22

You may both come to appreciate each other's worlds that much more.

While gossiping about the latest "Real World" episode on MTV or dishing the dirt on the latest celebrity breakup may be your idea of interesting conversation, chances are your older man hasn't heard of it or just doesn't care. H." should have never gone off the air, your eyes glaze over at the mention of these subjects.

If he already has a full litter of kids, he may not want any more in his lifetime.

Since he is a lot older than you, it might happen that he is expecting a lot more mature behavior from you, as you are expecting a lot more childish behavior from him.

Show interest in his past and the things that mean something to him.

You will be able to teach him a thing or two about present pop culture, so take turns playing teacher and student, and have fun with it.

Don't be surprised if your older man isn't quite as excited as you are.

While it is not a knock on you or how he feels about you, spending night after night clubbing, partying and barhopping may no longer be his scene.

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Just be patient and don’t let new situations bring you down.