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Adultdatingmedia com

A CPA network has resources that can greatly help you increase your sales.

Whether you’re working with our network or another, a CPA network can offer a tremendous number of advantages.

Once you’ve got that covered, it’s time to optimize things and hone your offer—in any ways that this thing you’re promoting would allow—so you have every chance in the world of generating conversions once you begin the traffic sending process.

At this point, we would advise you to contact a CPA Network—like Crak Revenue—*wink wink*.

But, for new affiliates approaching Media Buying for the first time — it may very well be better off starting with tier-2 (T2) countries (such as France, Germany, Brazil, and others) that will get results even with lower traffic. So it’s better to concentrate on some English speaking European countries that could be T1 like England, or T2 like Ireland.

If a RON is net fishing, then a brokering site is bait fishing.

As opposed to the buy first, optimize later mentality, you have to cherry-pick premium traffic before contacting the site owner directly.

But their huge advantage is that they make Media Buying easier and they offer a wide variety of support.

This, as you can imagine, is absolutely perfect for the beginner!

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Cherry-pick the best sources of traffic and toss the others.

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