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Adult chat hotlines skype

To view full article with images - click here [pdf] Getting psychological help used to mean driving to a counsellor's practice at an appointed time once or twice a week.

Nowadays you can be counselled from anywhere, anytime.

"From the experience we've gained, we know that many teens don't get any guidance from their parents," said Crouse.

"The biggest problems that children have are destructive relationships, low selfesteem, suicidal thoughts, exposure to pornography, self-harm, depression, gaming addiction, dating violence, sexually transmitted diseases, eating disorders, substance abuse and sexual abuse." Career counselling has also become a widespread need, so Mobie G has added a career helpline.

"I'm a father of three stepchildren, all of them well adjusted, so I do counsel from experience too," he said.

"But many parents struggle with guiding their children to eventually stand on their own two feet — they don't have the tools themselves. A one-hour Skype session costs R800, and this includes an e-manual covering the issues that parents most often confront, and how to navigate them.After doing a career quiz, children can connect with a facilitator to ask questions about their choices and where to study.More than 42 000 kids have been career counselled since the service's inception. Follow the prompts to chat with a counsellor in one of the chat rooms."I prefer to engage telephonically not by e-mail, as it's a more natural method of communication," said Resnick."It's usually me and a parent, but it can also be a three-way Skype session, with the child or other parent involved as well." Before the Skype session, the parent usually fills out an online questionnaire, so Resnick has a good idea what the problems are beforehand.

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*To get the Mobie G app on your phone, download Mxit (com), then search for Mobie G on Apps and add it to your phone. South African Depression and Anxiety Group's Suicide Crisis Line is available at 0800 567 567, or SMS 31393 Psychologist Ken Resnick uses Skype to counsel parents.