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In order to ensure that all citizens have access to quality information about education and professions, different types of guidance centres work independently from sectoral and institutional interests.These types include municipal youth guidance centres, regional guidance centres, online platforms such as Uddannelses Guiden (the Education Guide) and e Guidance, as well as centres for adult education and continuing training (VEU-centres).The experience that I’ve had with the teachers at have an unmatched ability to work with you to help you gain the knowledge that you need in order to accomplish your goals.They teach you how to utilize your knowledge and skills in every way possible to reach those said goals. They are constantly making sure that you have what you need, and they do what they can to meet your needs.They want to watch you take your steps into the world and make a name for yourself.They want to see you excel beyond your wildest dreams.They are there to help you and encourage you when you need it, and they always have your best interests at heart.The teachers and faculty members that comprise the fabric of will guide you and assist you along the way and throughout the years.

We provide a fun, affordable, and healthy environment that not only offers a great way for members to break the monotony of being at home alone but also gives them access to health care services.

Guidance in relation to completion of education within general and vocational upper secondary education The upper secondary schools (‘gymnasium’ and VET colleges) are obliged to support their students in a way that enables them to complete their education.

The institutions are free to choose their methods and the appropriate staff to support students in completing their education.

As from 2018 a new legislation is expected to be adopted which will change the Act on guidance and the role of the youth guidance centres.

Regional guidance centres (”Studievalg”) Guidance is provided by full-time guidance practitioners at the seven regional guidance centres in the transition from youth education to higher education.

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We aim to provide a challenging, rigorous education for all students, whether part time or full time, in-state or out of state, from public or private schools or home educated.