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) doesn’t mean they’re not perfectly content spending their adult years mooching off their parentals.Recognizing your partner’s living situation for what it really is is the first step in admitting you’re dating an adult child.On the flip side, then, you know you’re not if this hasn’t even crossed his or her mind.Cereal or ramen for dinner every single night is also totally acceptable — if you’re in college.If they’ve never used the stove for anything besides boiling water for said ramen, they’re likely not too fond of cooking, nor do they have any hopes of diving into it anytime soon.You know what you deserve, and a nice dinner every once in a while really isn’t asking too much.

Posting up in your parents’ basement for years on end without much motivation to make a move anytime soon, is quite another.Devoting yourself to someone else is a big commitment, which is why knowing how committed they are is major.As Romper says, you know you’re “dating a grown-ass [person]” if they’ve defined the relationship.If you think you’re dating a man or woman child, here’s how to know.A big part of dating, especially in the beginning stages, is going out on actual dates.

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According to Bustle, “Whether you are asking them to rightfully take the blame for something they have done wrong, or telling them that, yes, their landlord will notice if they decide not to pay rent this month, this [person] just isn’t willing in any capacity to confront all the things that come with getting older.” If you’re in a relationship with someone who’s never been wrong a day in their life, head for the hills.

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