Absolute dating geology

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Cross-cutting relationships states that any feature that cuts across a body of rock is younger than the rock that it cuts across.

You will probably have to pull concepts from different parts of the chapters to answer the questions below.Here is an example of how valuable index fossil are when trying to relatively date some rock strata.If you come across a Paradoxides pisus when looking at rocks, you can be assured that the layer in which you found this fossil is from the Cambrian Period or about 500 million years old, because the Paradoxides pisus lived 500 million years ago and it has never been found in any other rock strata that is either younger or older.Read the chapter in this order: Radioactivity, First Dating of Minerals, Concept of Decay (p. Be sure to record important ideas under the appropriate question below as you read.

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Absolute age is a quantitative measurement while relative age is a qualitative measurement.

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