A girls guide to dating a geek online

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Any time there’s any shows about any guys who are geeky, it’s about them and not about the women.And if there are women, they’re usually not geeks themselves.Even if you have [an experience] that doesn’t fit within the anthology, you’ll know that somewhere out there, there is someone like you, because look at all these weirdos. Leave your apprehensions at the door; we’ve come a long way from the days of Homer Simpson merrily hurling abuse at nearby poindexters.“I really wanted it to be women talking to other women about their experiences, rather than telling guys, ‘This is what my life is,’” Nicholson said.“It’s more [about] sympathizing and connecting with other women.”The writers featured in the anthology grapple with the same sort of emotional turbulence — joy, heartbreak, infatuation, ambivalence — that most women experience while navigating the rocky terrain of a relationship.“She told me that I should stop dating creatives and start dating bankers,” Nicholson said with a laugh. Creatives are very fickle, very up and down, [it’s] very hard to gauge their responses.It wasn’t a money thing — more of a personality thing.” Chatting about matters of the heart with Margaret Atwood is an extraordinary experience, but one that taps into the ethos of Secret Loves.

She named the potential series “The Secret Lives of Geek Girls,” and commissioned a poster to present to executives.

These writers are bound by their intense affinity for geekdom, but represent a diverse range of ages, ethnicities, and sexual preferences..

Nicholson’s full-bodied celebration of geek love began with a small typo.

But their approach to dissecting these emotions is shaped by their geeky passions.

“I think a lot of us don’t have as much of a skill relating to the real world as others do,” Nicholson said.

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“Minas Tirith” by comic book writer Marguerite Bennett is the delicate telling of a relationship that thrives, and then unravels, against daydreams of Middle Earth and Westeros.

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