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Being cheaper than the mainstream is not automatically a sign of inferiority.3D-Coat is a feature-packed application best known for its texture painting, voxel sculpting and solid retopology tools.These, however, are just a small area of what has become a huge application, fully capable of taking a model from concept right through to completion, including UV mapping, posing, sculpting and rendering.Using the Stencil image as a Brush Mask texture, you can move it aroudn the viewport with Alt-RMB and scale with Shift-Alt-RMB, and rotate with Ctrl-Alt-RMB.I compose shapes for use as brushes from a separate scene using an orthographic camera looking down, and I use shadeless material objects like high resolution curves and mesh objects, rendering the world as transparent.If you’re undecided about what route to take, I would say that for the price, and with its wealth of features, 3D-Coat certainly deserves a look.

Quite often, though, bigger doesn’t always mean better.So far Id just done this creating objects and making them flat - but this isn't ideal.Next to keep the live updating I tried selecting a PSD as my material texture and UV unwrapping like this, but the PSD doesn't update live.Have to close out blender for a new shape to appear even saving the PSD file - I need a way to add shape images/draw on my materials - how can I do this correctly?The paint tool in Blender doesn't seem to allow for clean shapes like PS.

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With that in mind, if you don’t fancy painting directly onto polygons or voxels you could use the more tradition, 2D route within the Texture Editor, inside 3D-Coat.