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2 gether russia dating

Instead, the guy gives flowers to the girl (see p.#1), and then they proceed to the place where they intend to spend time together.

He is allowed to offer his arm to hold on when walking or exiting transport (see p.#2).

Don’t worry what she is going to do with the bouquet, when you are planning to go to a dinner or see a movie.

Once the blossoming plants are out of your hands and have landed in hers, it’s her problem what she does with it. The perfect gentleman opens doors, moves chairs, holds the coat for her to slip in, carries bags (except the handbag), offers his hand when exiting a taxi or public transport — and in general treats her like she is not a healthy young woman but a fragile 110-year-old granny with a leg cast.

(We are dead serious about it.) Thanks to Arina Kholina, who in no uncertain terms expressed what Russian women dislike in local guys and why Western men are better, now we know that girls look at the admirer’s fingers on a date, imagining how these hands will be touching her body. Since we are aware of young men’s shortcuts such as simply spraying themselves with a deodorant before a date (as opposed to taking a shower), we feel there may be the need to make this point: No deodorant is able to remove smells, which are already present. If you want to date Russian women, make peace with the responsibility of picking the tab.

Hands that look rough may not inspire her imagination. Remedy: A good shower before the date and a quality antiperspirant are a must. Or don’t date Russian girls at all, it will be a waste of time if you want to insist she should be paying her half. The rules of the Russian dating etiquette state that a gentleman should not attempt to get any affection for at least a few dates.

Failure to demonstrate any such gestures will make a Russian woman think that you have poor manners.

If your lady doesn’t drink, then you should avoid consuming alcohol as well.

First dates are crucial to making a good first impression, so you’d better have a clear head.

Then there is no issue with unpleasant smells (see p.#5).

For instance, if you are drinking beer and she is sipping champagne, she may not appreciate the smell of beer that comes out when you talk or sit close to her.

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You are also supposed to offer the lady your arm to hold onto when walking, which may not be a bad idea, as Russian women are known for their penchant for high heeled footwear.

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